Congratulations to Elisa for being this month’s featured photographer @ Corbis!  

From Elisa: “…I am the featured photographer this time represented by magical Kambriel and Erika’s butt. Sounds about right!”

I told them it was of course my honour to be next to Erica’s fabulous octopus-laden derriere. ;)

(You can see more photos by Elisa/Visioluxus of the crimson gown I’m wearing here:


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    Oh man, I am stoked that Elisa is being featured and I’m honored to have my tentacle-covered bum next to Kambriel’s...
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    Elisa ~ your artistic vision & raw imagination trump elaborate equipment anyday.
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    It’s always a thrill to be featured in such promotions because Corbis is contracted with an army of AMAZING commercial...