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Portrait of Kambriel by DividingMe

Upcoming events this weekend (April 11-13) in Portland, Oregon:

I’m attending & will be bringing many new & one of a kind Kambriel offerings to CthulhuCon / HP Lovecraft Film Festival (find us in Artist Alley!) & the Vampire Masquerade Ball this coming weekend of April 11-13.

As the clock strikes Midnight and the Midnight Waltz begins at the ball, it also becomes my birthday ~ April 13th… Come celebrate it with me & the elegant undead!

"The Candy Striper"

Cirque Macabre Skirt, Bastian Shirt, Lace Ascot and Silk Collapsible Top Hat from Kambriel. model: Onoh, photo: DividingMe


Wednesday Mourning is such a wonderful person. 

Wednesday Mourning (Model), Mikel Sessions (Hair Stylist), Kambriel (Clothing Designer), Loved To Death (Jewelry Designer)

The lovely Wednesday’s wearing the black moiré Isabella Coatdress by Kambriel, unbuttoned in the front.
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Brothers Grimm’s Homeland, 2013 | Kilian Schönberger

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I’ve been trying to write this for a couple of weeks. Please bear with me as this is difficult.

Medical care in the U.S. is expensive, even with the Affordable Care Act. I’m between jobs and the RealHusband is a freelance artist. For now we’re able to keep ahead of the usual monthly bills  but my recent, overdue dental surgery plus a few other looming medical bills are making life… tough. 

I believe with all my heart that it’s important to help people. I also believe that asking for help when you need it is just as important. And even though it’s incredibly hard to do so, that’s what I’m doing.

The RealHusband calls it the Jilli Wellness Fund and if you are able to spare a little money to help with my medical bills, I would be immensely grateful. 

My PayPal address is jilli@gothic-charm-school.com. Please select the “I’m sending money to family or friends” option”, which I believe incurs no fees.

Thank you SO much for helping, and please spread the word about this.

I’m glad you got the rogue wisdom teeth out & hope it cuts down on your headaches. Here’s hoping you’ll have enough to cover the bill soon so that won’t cause you any headaches either.

I empathize & truly hope you know if there’s any shame, it’s not in reaching out for help, it’s in the USA’s acceptance of a system which makes such help necessary to begin with. Such are the perils of a profit-driven healthcare industry vs. universal coverage where the benefit is in keeping people healthy, rather than earning heaps of $$$ off basic medical needs.

Fittingly, this just popped up on Twitter: “Countries with Universal Healthcare”: https://twitter.com/Amazing_Maps/status/443845161387565056/photo/1

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The Blackcoats are coming! The Blackcoats are coming!

One new velvet + two revamped original wool Kambriel coats made for Neil Gaiman. Because sometimes you need a black coat, and sometimes you need a blacker coat…

We decided to start calling these the Coraline coats since I designed the original for Neil to wear to the Academy Awards when “Coraline” was one of the nominees. The lovely thing is even though the original was made for him to wear to the Oscars, the style suited him so naturally that he took to wearing it pretty much everywhere, so in the years since he’s amassed an ever-evolving, ever-blackening collection.

'Twas a sleepless & stormy night… as the sky brightens, it's time to finally get some rest.

(photo of Kambriel by Kyle Cassidy)

La vie en violet…

(photo of Kambriel by Rusty)


Behold, the never-ending nightmarepunk skirt project. It’s wearable right now - I wore it last night, as a matter of fact - but I know I am always going to think “Oooh, I bet I could add on some more layers of fabric tatters”.

(Dear Infamous BlueJay, it is supposed to look like that. No, do not try to steal it away and serge the edges of all the strips. Stop making that face.)

Reminds me of the Fairy Cobweb skirt! They’re such fun to make & a great way to put various odd & ends to good use. I made a new peacock-themed one here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/112687459/salome-peacock-dance-skirt-by-kambriel If you cut the strips on the bias, it will minimize fraying (& likely help appease Bluejay’s desire to overcast the edges).
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I don’t always shovel the walk, but when I do, I wear Kambriel couture. w/ @trillianstars #homesteading

AKA, when Gomez Cassidy shovels the walk with Morticia Stars. The custom velvet Gomez Jacket looks great on you! Surviving the polar vortex avec élégance…
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Backyard birds out & about, feasting upon some seed I scattered right before today’s snow began to fall. It’s heartwarming to see these varied species emerging together from their tucked away hiding spots to enjoy the treat. Shown here are a Northern Cardinal and Blue Jay bringing their stunning colours to the whitening landscape, an Eastern Towhee, a Northern Flicker (too busy digging up his preferred bugs to care about the seeds), and an adorable pair of White-throated Sparrows.


Model Mayhem just told me to take down this image because “There is nudity and or sheer images being displayed on your profile page. That is against MM policy and makes our advertisers upset.”

When I replied that was a male model in the corset, and there are topless profile photos of men all over Model Mayhem, and that they were obviously more offended by diversity than anything else, they said;

"We linked to the image that was problematic. Please note it was of the woman in the sheer white dress, and of the book covers you have made, not of the man in the metal corset."

Uh huh. The fully clothed woman wrapped in the sheer fabric is the problem.

I will admit there were four nipples showing in the book cover collection because, you know, European book stores can handle it, so I changed that. Sheesh.

So, as per their explicit instructions, I replaced the offending photo with a bride in a wedding dress and sheer white veil. Is that still too offensive? Guess I’ll find out.

I hope your wonderfully androgynous image will be allowed to remain. Good luck, and keep making beautiful art. ♥
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